Mobile Suit Gundam (0079)

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Mobile Suit Gundam revolved around a brutal one year war between the Federation, a force that supposedly stands for all that is good in the world, and Zeon, space separatists who wish to live under their own established rule. The story begins with the unveiling of new Federation technology that far surpasses anything that Zeon has produced to date. Dubbed White Base due to its large size and color, the new federation’s floating fortress has become a prime target for Zeon forces. After a surprise Zeon attack kills much of White Base’s experienced crew, White Base suddenly finds itself under the control of inexperienced civilians who realize that the only way to survive their ordeal is to fight their way back to earth. Fortunately, White Base isn’t the Federation’s only secret weapon. This ace in the hole comes in the form of a Gundam, a massive mech that far surpasses anything that Zeon can throw at it. Piloted by the talented young genius Amuro Ray, the Gundam now stands as White Base’s best hope to making it back to earth.

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